Moving News

Hello fellow citizens and visitors.
It would appear that we have lost an entire year!
Well, although this might be the dearest wish of some of us, we haven't - we just moved the main interactivity to facebook.


I thought it maybe a good thing to pass this info on.
We will post more here - eventually - but it will take an upturn in global events for things to return to normal.
Ful time partying is very time consuming - and most of our citizens have other interests that they also pursue.
So - the very best wishes to you all for 2013.
 Sincerely yours,
Minister of Nothing in Particular.
The People's Republic of Garzedonia.


PRG Symphonic Rehearsal

The 2011 Season is open. PRG Symphonic Director is working at home. Take a look



Too good not to share. Guaranteed to bring some mirth into your life.

Hello fellow Citizens,
During the past year we have all had some difficult times to endure.
I have found some medicine that may help make us all feel a little better.
Click the link below to hear an amazing soundtrack. 
I found this by accident - but having recorded it  and played it back several times I noticed something, I was infected! Infected by the mirth virus - I couldn't stop smiling.

Go on - try it - you may be amazed!
Best wishes to you all,
Your old friend,


Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011

Another year behind us.
The Second Year since our Republic was established.
Another year in front of us.
Use it. Take all that life can bring to you.
And remember: you belong to a select group: you are able to laugh.


The Automatic Concert for Tennis Balls

This time Celeste shared this amazing video of a new Concert at PRG Opera Tent (sorry, House was sold to pay the rent)


Disconnect to Connect

Our dear Fe sent this video and gave us a lesson on how to share time.

MoN shares this picture - from the video, with his fellow citizens:
As you can see - I am disconnected!! This is My Nissan 
- (the gold one) I am worried what I am going to connect with. 
Maybe a brick wall if the auto pilot fails!!